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About NPSL

The paint on your home or business can be one of the most influential factors when it comes to the overall look and feel of your property. Unfortunately, time and weather can begin to dull your exterior and interior paint. We combat the wear and tear process—providing you with a vibrant coat of paint that transforms your home or business. Not only do we give you beautiful colour, our skilled Dublin painters also provide professional level craftsmanship each step of the way, so that your new paint job lasts. We handle the hard work, while you focus on relaxing.

If you’re looking for quality work and results that you’ll want to show off, call our office at 087 346 7838 or request a FREE QUOTATION.

It’s common for us to meet someone who doesn’t know which colours would be best for their interior repainting. Don’t worry, we can help! We can schedule a time for our colour consultant to come by and plan your painting project with you. Additionally, you could always use the Paint Colour Visualizer to decide which shade would best suit.

We will come to you anytime to drop off a free, no-obligation estimate, and promise never to bill you more than the estimated price. We make it our goal to always exceed aesthetic expectations while maintaining a high-standard of customer service for every home owner.

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